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Overview of the webinar

If it is now accepted that “success in HR” must be considered in more strategic concerns in support of the overall business needs, then, technology must provide proof of progress, innovation, success and yes, failure.

Metrics must be provided in support of the roles, responsibilities of different constituencies that require information, senior management, HR operations, HR delivery and the employees themselves.

It has been said, and said repeatedly, that human resources struggle for relevance because it doesn’t speak the language of business: numbers. HR has to be able to show how its dollars impact return on investment and it has to stop acting as a cost center. 

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of HR metrics
  • Be able to identify and assess the strategic and operational impact of HR metrics
  • Learn the role of metrics in measuring and communicating value
  • Review the basics of using HR metrics in assessing human capital related risks
  • Learn how HR metrics improve strategic and operational decision making

Why should you attend?

For years, HR was looking for a seat at the management table. Now that we have it, we need to demonstrate our impact on the organization and data is a critical part of that impact. 

HR metrics are no longer “nice-to-haves”—they are an essential tools for any HR team that wants to help build a solid, data-driven management strategy for their organization.

Who Will Benefit?

Any HR professional will benefit for this webinar but it will be particularly useful to those who are new to their organization or those who are looking to increase the value of HR to their organization.

About the speaker

Greg Chartier

Years of Experience: 35+ years

Dr. Chartier is the Principal of HRinfo4u, a human resource consulting firm, and a well-known educator and speaker. As a consultant, he works with organizations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their human resource function. He has wor