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Overview of the webinar

With the economy back in gear, organizations need to work even harder at engaging and retaining their key talent; the most important group being their high potentials because these employees produce a higher level of both quality and quantity of work than others. They are also frequently the source of future leaders for the organization. Join this webinar to discover how to identify them in your organization, unique methods of developing them, and techniques to use to determine if they are at risk of disengaging or even leaving your organization.

Area Covered In The Webinar

Who are High-Potential Employees?

  • Differentiating a High Potential from a High Performer

What’s Different about a High-Potential Employee?

  • Developing High-Potential Employees
  • Developing a High-Potential Employee
  • How to Accelerate Development
  • Types of Developmental Activities
  • Placing High Potentials in the Right Role
  • How to Spend Your Time Most Effectively with a High Potential
  • Giving Feedback to High Potentials
  • Providing Career Support to High Potentials
  • Career Planning for High Potentials:
  • Roles & Responsibilities for Career Development

What Holds Managers Back?

  • Putting It All Together: Writing a Career Development Plan
  • Supporting Career Development Action Plans: Tips & Tactics
  • Helping High Potentials Transition into a New Role
  • Retaining High-Potential Employees
  • Early Warning Signals of Disengagement
  • How to responding to an Early Warning Signal

Why should you attend?

Are ineffective selection methods causing your organization unnecessary cost? Do you feel 100% confident that you are hiring talent that is the right fit for your organization and the job that needs doing? 

Join us to find out how to use pre-hire assessments effectively for any job. We will cover common best practices for selecting assessments for a variety of job roles, from front-line customer service professionals to executives in the C-Suite. 

Learn how to eliminate bias, minimize hiring mistakes, and put the right people you need in the right jobs. Every organization depends on the candidates they are hiring from their talent pool. We will show you the tools that can be used to determine who you should hire.

We will also cover the different types of assessments available and when to use them. In addition, you will leave with a checklist of criteria to select the right assessments to use to avoid liability in your organization.

Who Will Benefit?

Chief Talent Officers, SVP or VP, HR, HR Business Partners

About the speaker

Dr. B. Lynn Ware

Years of Experience: 30+ years

Dr. Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and the founder and CEO of Integral Talent Systems, Inc. (ITS) ITS is a global technology enabled talent management consulting firm specializing in bringing the science of talent management to