Overview of the webinar

History of credit cards in corporate America

  • Why companies have decided to use credit cards for their employee’s.
  • How to control cash and spending of credit cards.
  • Pro’s and Con’s of issuing corporate credit cards.

Differences in Corporate credit cards

  • Individual Liability card versus Corporate Liability card.
  • What companies are eligible for corporate credit cards.
  • Credit cards specifically for small businesses.

Corporate Credit card policy

  • What verbiage needs to be in a strong corporate credit card policy?
  • Explanation of the employees’ responsibilities for maintaining the card.
  • Do you need to give every employee a credit card?

Other controls that can be included when setting up the credit card with the credit card company Look at exceptions and limits that can be added to each card.

  • Cards be done for specific departments.
  • The importance of maintaining receipts.

Corporate travel and entertainment policy

  • Examples of a good policy
  • Actions if employees violate company credit card policy

Why should you attend?

By attending this webinar, you will learn about the evolvement of credit cards, why companies choose to use them, why they could be more beneficial to smaller companies than large corporations. You will understand why having a credit card policy in place is essential to prevent any credit card abuse as well as why this policy must be integrated with the companies travel and entertainment policy to send a clear message to all employees as to how they must handle their company credit cards. We will also discuss the actions your company could take if employees violate the credit card policy. Plus, we will also discuss other controls that companies I have worked at have implemented to eliminate the challenges they faced with employees misuse of their expense reports and credit cards.

  • After attending you will be able to define – The makings of a strong company credit card policy.
  • After attending you will be able to describe – The importance of why companies will want to use credit cards. 
  • After attending you will be able to discuss – Why having a strong corporate travel and entertainment policy is important.
  • After attending you will be able to explain – The two types of corporate credit cards a company can use.
  • After attending you will be able to identify – How to review employees expense statements and what to look for.
  • After attending you will be able to recognize – Why it is important to put procedures in place to avoid company fraud
  • After attending you will be able to review – Your company credit card policy and travel and entertainment policy and make  changes as needed.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Anyone in any organization
  • profit or non profit that uses credit cards
  • People in Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Procurement

About the speaker

Ronald Sereika

Years of Experience: 34+ years

Director of Credit and payment solutions for Mspark-4 ½ years 34 years of managing Credit departments Webinar speaker for: Lorman, GRC educators, Assent Global Speaker at NACM Credit Congress 5 different years, NACM Eastern Credit conference -5